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Virtual Weight Loss Coach

We Provide Virtual Coaching Services via Skype or Telephone Consultation

Here's how it works:

  • Initial Consulataion is Complimentary
  • We ship your product and Weight Loss program information packet
  • We setup a phone or Skype meeting prior to your first day on the diet. We suggest starting on Thursday or Friday so that all of the possible symptoms including, fatigue, headaches, etc. are out of the way by Monday. It takes 1 - 5 days for you to detox your system from sugars/carbs/alcohol to our clean, high-protein protocol.
  • We dialog by phone, Skype, text or email thru the initial 1 - 3 days on the protocol to be sure you understand the program and get the proper support.
  • We meet weekly to go over your food journal, questions, etc. to help you stay on track and meet your weight loss goals

We can also come out to your business or organization and provide the Ideal Protein Weight Loss program to your employees!

It's a great day to start your weight loss program... Call us! 408-356-4600 or Book Your Complimentary Consultation to hear more about our program!

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